Vineyard tour, 5-wine tasting, and wine appreciation seminar for $19 at Valentino Vineyards & Winery in Long Grove


Wine is more than a beverage. It’s a culture. It’s an art. Knowing about wine is both and enjoyable pastime and a sign of social sophistication.

Valentino Vineyards & Winery in Long Grove is an award-winning vineyard famous for 20 different varieties of locally crafted wines. Grapes are grown, harvested, crushed, fermented, and barrel aged on premises in fine quality French & American oak barrels. It’s a beautiful 20-acre facility staffed by craftsmen who really love and appreciate the tradition of winemaking.

Today’s deal is your personal invitation to the world of wine making and appreciation. It’s a 90-minute tour of the vineyards, 5-wine tasting, and wine appreciation talk at Valentino Vineyards & Winery for just $19 (a $56 value). Buy up to 5 deals and take along some friends!

Wine education is an investment in a lifetime of pleasure on knowledge. Ready to get started? Grab this deal while it lasts. Booking are limited.


Valentino Vineyards & Winery
(847) 634-2831

5175 Aptakisic Rd
Long Grove, Illinois

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