Save 42% on premium seasoned firewood with FREE stacking and delivery


Nothing beats the beauty, comfort, and long-burning warmth of a hardwood fire on a cold winter night.

Today’s deal delivers top-quality, seasoned mixed hardwoods (cherry, maple, and oak) to your home — stacked, and ready to burn! All at a great NorthShore Plus price.

Get ⅓ of a cord of premium firewood for just $149, FREE stacking and delivery included! It’s a $255 value. Your wood will be stacked where you want it, freeing you to simply enjoy a beautiful fire. Buy up to three deals, for a total of one full cord of firewood. At this price, you can stock up for an entire season.

How big is ⅓ of a cord? It’s a lot of wood: A stack 8 feet long, 4 feet tall, and a log-length wide (about 16 inches). 

Your firewood will be delivered by Tony’s Original Landscaping, a quality local business that puts service first. Call Luke at (847) 274-0498 to arrange your delivery time.

Tony's Original Landscaping

39221 N Green Bay Rd
Beach Park, IL 60087

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