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The powerful secret to lifelong fitness, energy, and great health isn’t how many hours you put in at the gym — it’s what kind of food you put in your body!

Ready to eat clean in 2015? TheFittChick can help! She’s Highland Park’s Jillian Spector. Jillian is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Personal Trainer, and Food Allergy Specialist. Her guidance can literally turn your life around.

Here’s your chance to learn nutrition TheFittChick way. With today’s deal, you can get TheFittChick’s popular healthy cooking eBook series at half off. Choose one or all:

TheFittChick Recipe eBook (Original Edition): Fun, tested, family friendly recipes specifically designed to supersize your energy, not your waistline! Breakfast, lunches, dinner — even great shakes and desserts. Great taste and smart nutrition.

TheFittChick Recipe eBook (Second edition): Build your healthy cooking skills with the sequel to TheFittChick’s original cookbook. Contains everything you need to add variety and flavor to your family’s healthy diet.

FittKids™ Recipe eBook: Yes, a recipe book with kids and teens in mind! There’s no more same-old at the table, thanks to 31 fantastic meal and snack ideas designed to build healthy tastes and eating habits.

Get your choice of TheFittChick’s Recipe eBooks for just $7.50 each (a $15 value).

Make 2015 your fittest year yet with balanced, tasty meals your family will love! eBooks will be promptly delivered to your NorthShore plus member email address.


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