45 and 60-Minute Stress Relief Massage at Chicago Stress Relief Center in Northbrook


Stress can manifest itself throughout your life in all kinds of negative ways. From sleep loss and weight gain to high blood pressure and chronic aches and pains, stress can sap the energy and joy right out of your day.

The Chicago Stress Relief Center in Northbrook specializes in both traditional and alternative therapies designed to fight stress-related disorders and improve your whole-body health. Led by founder Dr. Howard K. Weissman, their specialists are trained to find the treatments that work best for you.

One of Chicago Stress Relief Center’s most popular services is deep-tissue stress relief massage. Ever feel like you have a knot in your back? This form of massage is for you. It targets muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia to stimulate circulation and your body’s natural healing processes. It also provides a deep level of relaxation some of our clients say rivals a good night’s sleep!

Today’s deal is an incredibly relaxing deep tissue massage you’ll long remember. Choose from two options:

  • A 45-minute stress-relief massage for just $47 (an $85 value) OR
  • A full 60-minute stress-relief massage for $57 (a $120 value)

Buy one for yourself and another as a gift. Appointments are required. Feel the immediate benefits of deep-down relaxation today!

The Chicago Stress Relief Center
(847) 412-0922

1440 Techny Rd,
Northbrook, Illinois

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