Cupping massage or Zen shiatsu massage $67 at The Chicago Stress Relief Center in Northbrook


Sometimes the best solutions to modern problems are found in traditional treatment methods.

The Chicago Stress Relief Center in Northbrook specializes in both traditional and alternative therapies designed to fight stress-related disorders and improve your whole-body health. Led by founder Dr. Howard K. Weissman and their specialists are trained to find the treatments that work best for you.

Cupping treatment — also known as cupping massage — has its roots in ancient Chinese medical practice. Small cups are placed on the skin and gentle suction is applied. It’s a painless procedure said to increase circulation, address local aches and pains, and produce deep levels of relaxation.

Zen shiatsu massage is based on Japanese anma therapy, one of the oldest known forms of massage. Shiatsu means “fingertip pressure.” It’s a system of pressure-point therapy, joint manipulation, and assisted stretching designed to address local pain and stiffness while promoting overall holistic health.

Todays’ deal introduces you to these two traditional forms of relaxation massage at a huge NorthShore Plus discount:

  • Try cupping massage for just $67 (an $140 value)
  • Experience a Zen shiatsu treatment for just $67 (a $150 value)

Buy one for yourself and another as a gift. Appointments are required. Feel the immediate benefits of deep-down relaxation today!

The Chicago Stress Relief Center
(847) 412-0922

1440 Techny Rd,
Northbrook, Illinois

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