Spinning fitness classes up to 56% off at Studio SPIN in Northfield (2 offers)


Ready to lose weight, build aerobic fitness — and have fun doing it? You’ll love Studio SPIN in Northfield.

Spinning is a low-impact, whole-body workout that blasts fat and builds the kind of fitness you’ll appreciate on and off the bike. Improve your body and your life! Tone muscles, give your heart what it’s asking for, and smile all the way through your spinning session.

With a full slate of classes throughout the day, Studio SPIN has something to match your schedule. Sessions vary from 30 to 60 minutes and are suitable to indoor cyclists of all fitness levels.

Here’s your chance to blast calories in air-conditioned comfort. Today’s deal lets you try spinning at up 56% off:

  • Get 4 spin classes for $49 (a $100 value) OR
  • Get 8 spin classes for $89 (a $200 value)

See your NorthShore Plus coupon for instructions on how to book your session.  

Studio SPIN
(888) CYCLE-55

193 Northfield Rd
Northfield, Illinois

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