Revitalize your body with acupressure therapy or get a deep tissue scalp massage with foot massage and essential oils


There are a few things your body needs to stay healthy: Nutrition, exercise, rest — and touch.

Touch, in the form of massage and touch therapy, helps stimulate circulation, promotes healing, reduces stress and anxiety, and can actually improve your body’s ability to resist disease. It’s what Mary Schacht at Second Nature Massage in Highland Park offers her clients every day.

Mary Schacht has spent the past 27 years perfecting her technique as a certified massage therapist. She believes that the best results come from applying the appropriate massage techniques, and specializes in acupressure.

Today’s deal lets you choose from two proven, deeply satisfying therapies for just $42 — an $85 value!

  • A full-body acupressure tune-up
  • Deep-tissue scalp massage with foot massage and essential oils

The full-body acupressure tune up applies pressure along the meridians to promote restful sleep, improve organ function, and improves digestion.  This hour long treatment elicits The Relaxation Response.  This process lowers the blood pressure and heart rate for a deeply relaxed state. This treatment is great for everyone.  Anyone with back, neck, leg, knee, feet, and stomach problems gain extra benefit.  This approach has been proven to help with asthma, depression, and headaches.

The other option is a deep tissue scalp massage with foot massage and essential oils. This is a great way to relax and get rid of muscle aches and pains.  This type of massage improves circulation while at the same time working to release the tense muscles of the head and neck.  At Second Nature Massage you will be blown away by the techniques Mary Schacht has come to specialize in.

Save 50% on the treatment of your choice. Buy up to two — plus two more as gifts! They’re great stocking stuffers.

Appointments are required, so grab your deals while they’re available!

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