Try two Mighty Body Band training sessions and save up to 73% at Phoenix Fitness in Highland Park


It’s not too late to make a New Year’s resolution. And here’s the good news: If improving your physical fitness is at the top of your 2015 list, Mighty Body Band training can get you there.

Mighty Body Band is the total body workout everyone is talking about. Why? It’s fun! You’ll love the endless variety of of suspension and resistance exercises. They’re a lot like yoga or pilates poses, but are more efficient when it comes to building smart strength, agility, and flexibility — all at once.

It’s not often you hear workout routines described as “blissful,” but that’s what you’ll hear from Mighty Body Band practitioners. Want to know how it looks? Check out the video below.

Today’s deal lets you discovery Mighty Body Band training Phoenix Fitness in Highland Park and save up to 73% off. Choose your workout:

  • TWO 60-minute sessions for $40 (a $180 value) OR
    TWO 30-minute sessions for $35 (a $100 value)

Best of all, you can bring a friend along for FREE. Get expert instruction, and have fun with a workout buddy! Grab this bargain while it lasts, and make 2015 your healthiest year yet.

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Now I am stronger and have a whole new shape! AND more muscle increases metabolism and strengthens bones.

— Jody B. 

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