Professional gutter cleaning for your entire home


You love your home. But it’s hard to love cleaning out those mucky, leaf-clogged gutters.

It’s got to be done. Without regular gutter cleaning, poor roof drainage can cause:

  • Water damage to fascia, soffit, and roofing
  • Perfect nesting areas for termites, mosquitoes, and other pests
  • Unsightly weeds and debris that destroys the beauty of your home

Instead of struggling with ladders, steep roofs, trowels, and mire, why not call in the professionals? Paintbrush, Inc is ready to set you free from autumn’s dirtiest chore, at a price you can easily afford

Today’s deal is gutter cleaning for your entire home, redeemable through March 30th 2015. It’s just $69 for a walkable roof, or $99 if your roof is steep enough to require ladders for safe access. 

That’s a cheap price for reclaiming a Saturday afternoon. Appointments are required, and work must be performed in temperatures above 40 degrees. So grab this deal while the weather cooperates!

Paintbrush, Inc.
(847) 489-4989

1869 Clavey Rd
Highland Park, IL 60035

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