A 1-Hour Summer Solstice Facial + dermaplaning just $60 by Original Skin (a $150 value)


Summer is the brightest time of the year. It’s your time to shine: The season of inner radiance, vitality, and health. It’s the season of putting your best face forward.

Nobody knows this better than Erica Trojan at Original Skin in Wilmette. Erica is famous for helping her clients recover the soft and youthful original skin that hides beneath the cares and damage of our busy lives. Working one-on-one with proven medical esthetic techniques, the latest equipment and skin care products, and a strong sense of natural intuition, Erica is ready to make this your brightest summer ever!

Today’s deal is Original Skin exclusive: An unhurried, hour-long 3-in-1 Summer Solstice Facial with dermaplaning. It includes:

Face, neck, and decollete massage. A relaxing overture to your treatment, massage prepares your skin and facial musculature for the revitalizing treatment to come.

Dermaplaning. The gold standard of anti-aging treatments. Erica’s practiced method gently removes bumps, dry skin, and imperfections hiding your naturally healthy Original Skin.

Ultrasound infusion moisturizing therapy. Here’s where high-tech meets the best moisturizing products in the industry. Using ultrasound, Erica applies a nutrient-dense, essential fatty acid-rich serum deep into your rejuvenated skin. It’s a technique that can’t be duplicated by a simple surface application.

You’ll be amazed not only how you look, but how you FEEL. Get all this for just $60 — a $150 value. It’s the lowest price NorthShore Plus has ever offered for this level of facial skin care magic.

Due to the individual nature of personalized skin care, quantities will be limited and appointments are required. Grab this deal and rediscover your Original Skin today!

Original Skin
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433 8th Street
Wilmette, Illinois

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