Half off! Your choice of four premium washes at North Shore Auto Spa in Highland Park


Let’s face it: Every car wants to feel pretty. Pampered, even.

Considering all your car does for you, don’t you think it deserves a spa day? North Shore Auto Spa in Highland Park exists to give your faithful transportation the TLC it deserves.

They’ll massage your car with a luxurious soft cloth wash, apply a four-wheel pedicure with wheel brightening and cleaning, and sooth your car’s shiny skin with state-of-the-art exterior cleaners and waxes. Plus a great interior cleansing & vacuum and an invigorating hand dry.

Today’s deal allows you to choose from four full-service car wash packages at HALF OFF. Go for North Shore Auto Spa’s Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Ultimate full-service wash packages, starting at just $9.00. Details are here (the Ultimate wash adds Carnuba wax to North Shore Auto Spa’s best package).

Expect a little pampering for you, too, with complimentary coffee and cappuccino while you wait. Choose your favorite wash package (or all four), and make it a spa day with your car!

North Shore Auto Spa
(847) 433-9274

2744 Skokie Valley Rd
Highland Park, IL 60035

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