FINAL DAY: A complete Thanksgiving dinner for 10-12 just $150 (a $300 value) by Max's Deli in Highland Park


Ready to look like a master chef on Thanksgiving — without spending hours in the kitchen? You’ll love this expertly prepared feast, expertly cooked and ready for convenient pickup at 50% off!

Max’s Delicatessen & Restaurant in Highland Park is a North Shore institution. It’s a real family run Chicago deli, specializing in the kind of ultra-fresh goodness that brings people back year after year. And holiday after holiday.

Max’s is ready to take your order for an amazing Thanksgiving dinner that requires nothing more than pickup and 10-12 hungry people! Spend your time with family this year instead of in the kitchen. Your meal will be cooked to perfection, packed to take home, and includes complete warming instructions. It includes:

  • One 12-pound natural whole turkey 
  • 3lbs baby French green beans (topped with almonds)
  • 3lbs mashed potatoes
  • 3lbs mashed sweet potatoes
  • One quart of homemade cranberry sauce
  • One quart of homemade turkey gravy
  • 5lbs “old school” challah stuffing
  • 10" traditional pumpkin pie

Delicious! Just serve and smile. All those compliments are yours — we won’t tell anyone who was in your kitchen

This complete Thanksgiving feast is priced at just $150 (a $300 value). With a deal like this, substitutions and upgrades can’t be accepted. But if you’ve got a big party around your table, feel free to buy multiple deals. It’s a huge holiday value.

Max’s is ready to take your order right away. Pickup times start Wednesday, November 25th, at noon. Grab your deal while it lasts!

Max's Delicatessen & Restaurant
(847) 831-0600

191 Skokie Valley Rd
Highland Park, Illinois

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