One FREE 45-Minute Heated Boxing Class at KVS Fitness in Highland Park


With this download, you will receive one free 45-Minute Heated Boxing Class at KVS Fitness!

KVS Fitness is a multi purpose fitness facility. It incorporates mixed martial arts, boxing, strength/endurance training, and fitness nutrition. Your experience here will also include firm, but positive reinforcement.

It’s very motivating to be surrounded by dedicated hard working individuals. The high energy will help you and others push themselves and dig deep for a better workout. It’s an enjoyable way to add more excitement to your fitness life.

KVS Fitness Heated Boxing Classes are held in an environment with elevated temperature. There are major benefits to working out in the heat. It will increase your flexibility. You will burn more calories, create detoxification, reduce the risk of injuries by loosening the muscles and keeping them active and alert. You will develop a strong mind, body and spirit, which can be transferred into your life’s challenges and goals!

Click the link below for the Heated Boxing Class Schedule:

KVS Fitness

1490 Old Deerfield Road Suite 16 & 17
​Highland Park, IL, 60035

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