Save 50% on a built-in central vacuum system clean-out at Kritz Vacuum & Allergy Relief in Highland Park


Keeping your home vacuumed isn’t just about looks. It’s about your air quality and overall health.

Scientific studies have shown that regular vacuuming can significantly decrease the pollutants and allergens in your home. Vacuuming removes airborne mold, pet hair, pollens, dust mites, and dozens of small particulates that would otherwise end up in your lungs. A clean home is a healthy home!

Kritz Vacuum and Allergy Relief in Highland Park provides the kind of service and expertise you won’t get from a big-box retail store. They’ll match your budget to the perfect vacuum for your Great Indoors. And they’re the North Shore’s vacuum service leader. They’ll keep your new or existing vacuum in top shape for many years.

Today’s deal starts with built-in central vacuum cleaning systems. Protect your investment and improve your system’s performance with a full clean-out for just $140 (a $280 value). It includes filter replacement, in-wall pipe cleaning, wall plate and valve service, and a pack of vacuum bags.

Or choose from two bonus deals:

  • $50 for $100 towards the purchase of a new vacuum over $200 (may combine two coupons on vacuums $400 and up)
  • $20 for $40 towards vacuum cleaner service

Buy up to two deals. Offers are good through January, 2016 — so grab yours today! 

Top reviews

They offer something that the big box stores are missing, which is good service and knowledgeable sales personnel.

— Suzanne C.

Good service. Quick response time on estimate call back.

— Scott B.

Service visits are quick and friendly.

— Christopher B.


Kritz Vacuum & Allergy Relief
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332 Skokie Valley Rd
Highland Park, IL

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