Two weeks unlimited StrongHer training + nutritional analysis just $20 at Hot Ground Gym in Northbrook


Empowering women is more than a slogan. It’s a lifestyle.

We’re talking about the kind of real-world strength born of resistance training, plyometrics, and high-intensity circuits. Strength that is equal parts physical and mental conditioning. The kind of training you’ll find at Hot Ground Gym in Northbrook.

Hot Ground Gym is dedicated to providing challenging, obstacle-course-centered, boot camp-style training that builds character and skill as well as muscles. You won’t find a lot of fancy machines at Hot Ground Fitness. Your body is the machine. Marvel as it responds to the kind of exercise that makes you leaner, more energetic, and fitter than you ever thought possible.

StrongHer is Hot Ground Gym’s training program designed exclusively for women. But it’s not watered-down fitness: You’ll learn the discipline of jump ropes, climbing ropes, boxing, kettlebells, and more. You’ll lose weight and whatever fear you might have of taking your body to the next level. StrongHer is for women of all athletic abilities. Put in the work, and you’ll see results.

Today’s deal lets you try StrongHer for yourself. It’s two weeks of unlimited StrongHer courses — plus a nutritional analysis — for just $20 (and $80 value). See if the program is right for you. And enjoy the immediate benefits.

You can even buy an extra deal as a gift for a workout partner. In any case, you’re never alone with Hot Ground gym and its expert trainers. Hit the Buy button and do something great for yourself right now.

Top reviews

I cannot say enough good things about this place, it’s more fun than other workout regimes I have tried.

— Kate K.

After my first workout with Hot Ground, I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my husband all about it! This is the one!

— Whitney D.


Hot Ground Gym
(847) 897-6688

1938 Raymond Drive
Northbrook, Illinois

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