Save up to 65% on an oil change, filter, and tire rotation at Highland Park Tire and Auto Service


It’s easy to forget an oil change. But the price of a major repair — that’s something you remember. So here’s a little New Year’s reminder to give your car what it needs to keep you on the move through 2015.

Highland Park Tire & Auto Service is a fully equipped independent service facility ready to take care of your vehicle, from bumper to bumper. Their certified technicians really love working on cars, checking those auto maintenance chores off your to-do list at a firm and fair price.

Today’s deal is perfect for making sure your car is in top shape for winter driving. It’s your choice of two oil change and tire rotation packages:

A premium oil change with up to 5 quarts of synthetic oil, filter, and tire rotation for $39 (a $95 value), OR

A professional oil change with quality regular oil, filter, and tire rotation for $19 (a $55 value)

Save up to 65%, and drive with peace of mind. Buy up to four deals — your coupons are good through June 30th!

Highland Park Tire & Auto Service
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Highland Park, Illinois

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