50% off a professional full-body tan at Finnatic Tan


Everybody loves the look of a golden tan. There’s something about it that radiates youth and energy. Pity we know how dangerous sun exposure can be for the skin.

Enter Finnatic Tan. They specialize in natural-looking instant tans — without a hint of the orange that spray tanning was known for years ago!

Owner Jodi Finn expertly applies the most luxurious tan you’ve probably ever had — and it’s safe and healthy. Finnatic Tan features great-smelling, no-mess, all-natural ingredients. You’ll smell like almond and cherry, not like a pharmacy. A completely even tan goes on in about ten minutes and lasts up to a week.

Today’s deal lets you try on a deep Finnatic tan at 50% off. Get the full treatment for just $20 (a $40 value).

No dangerous chemicals or UV rays: You’ll be ready to flash an amazing tan in about 10 minutes. Looks great for spring break or any other occasion! Buy up to 3 and save.

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Northbrook, Illinois

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