A professionally applied full-body tan just $20 by Finnatic Tan - a $40 value!


Everybody loves the look of a golden tan. There’s something about it that radiates youth and energy. Pity we know how dangerous sun exposure can be for the skin.

Enter Finnatic Tan. They specialize in natural-looking instant tans — without a hint of the orange that spray tanning was known for years ago!

Owner Jodi Finn expertly applies the most luxurious tan you’ve probably ever had — and it’s safe and healthy. Finnatic Tan features great-smelling, no-mess, all-natural ingredients. You’ll smell like almond and cherry, not like a pharmacy. A completely even tan goes on in about ten minutes and lasts up to a week.

Today’s deal lets you try on a deep Finnatic tan at 50% off. Get the full treatment for just $20 (a $40 value).

No dangerous chemicals or UV rays: You’ll be ready to flash an amazing tan in about 10 minutes. It’s the perfect accessory for that crisp summer outfit. Look your best for outdoor fun and entertainment!

Buy up to three coupons, and you could be set for the season. Appointments are required and are on a first-come, first serve basis. 

Finnatic Tan
(312) 399-1072

Northbrook, Illinois

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