60-minute Swedish or deep-tissue massage 50% off at Essence Pilates in Deerfield


Here’s a New Year’s resolution that’s not too late to make — and easy to keep! Be good to yourself in 2015.

Therapeutic massage is one of the best things you can do for your body. According to the Mayo Clinic, therapeutic massage can provide relief from:

‣ Anxiety
‣ Digestive disorders
‣ Fibromyalgia
‣ Headaches
‣ Insomnia related to stress
‣ Myofascial pain syndrome
‣ Paresthesias and nerve pain
‣ Soft tissue strains or injuries
‣ Sports injuries

Today’s deal is a quality 60-minute Swedish or deep-tissue massage at a minimum 50% off. Choose your deal:

‣ One massage for $35 (regularly $70) or
‣ A two-pack of massages for $69 (regularly $140) or
‣ A three-pack of massages for $99 (regularly $210)

Feel great with the best massage you’ve ever had! Availability is limited, so grab yours now.

Massage at Essence Pilates
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Deerfield, Illinois

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