Save 55% on Cryotherapy Or Full-spectrum infrared sauna sessions Highland Park


Athletic injury recovery. Weight loss. Skin rejuvenation. The list of benefits from cryotherapy goes on and on.

While cryotherapy has developed a reputation as the “it” treatment in Japan and Europe, it’s just catching on in America. And the cryo-experts at CryoPure Spa in Highland Park are bringing this amazing regime to the North Shore.

Here’s how full-body cryotherapy works at CryoPure: You enter the advanced Impact Cryosauna. In moments, super-cold liquid nitrogen surrounds your body, prompting it to begin the “cryo response.” The treatment lasts two or three minutes, but the circulation and anti-inflammatory benefits can continue for hours. You’ll feel energetic and rejuvenated as your body’s natural healing abilities kick into high gear. 

Experience the tangible benefits of cryotherapy at an amazing NorthShore Plus price. Or try CryoPure Spa’s relaxing full-spectrum infrared sauna:


$59 for 2 whole-body cryotherapy treatments OR 2 full-spectrum infrared sauna sessions (a $130 value!) 

$116 for 4 whole-body cryotherapy treatments OR 4 full-spectrum infrared sauna sessions (a $260 value!)

$169 for 6 whole-body cryotherapy treatments OR 6 full-spectrum infrared sauna sessions (a $390 value!)


Appointments are suggested. Grab this deal and book your first session today!


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