Professional window cleaning (up to 20 windows) for only $45 -- a $140 value!


If you took a survey of favorite summer activities, it’s not likely that window cleaning would make the list. Everybody loves crystal-clean windows, sure, but chances are you’d rather be taking in an afternoon BBQ or hanging with family instead of lugging around a bucket and squeegee.

Unless you’re Clear View Window Cleaning & Professional Services. Clear View lives for — well, clear views. They’re licensed and bonded teams of pro window cleaners. Grubby glass is what they live for.

Today’s deal dispatches Clear View Window Cleaning to your home in search of up to 20 dirty windows. They’ll clean them — inside and out — for $45 (a $140 value). That’s almost a 70% savings!

Everyone’s windows are a little different, but extra services (such as storm and French windows) are available at extremely reasonable rates. Let the sun shine in while summer days are still long! Appointments are required and subject to availability, so buy the deal now and get ready for your glass to sparkle!

Clear View Window Cleaning & Professional Services
(847) 417-9797

30 mile radius of Schaumburg, IL

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