Six Zerona laser body-contouring treatments for $599 (a $1749 value) at Absolute Health Clinic


Are you finding it hard to lose belly fat, even after repeated diet and exercise?

You’re not alone. Your body is designed to hold onto fat for dear life. It’s a biological gift that helped our ancestors make it through skinny times. But these days, it’s keeping you out of those skinny jeans.

Enter Zerona laser body-contouring and the experts at Absolute Health Clinic in Arlington Heights. Absolute Health Clinic is a multi-disciplinary facility dedicated to the very lastest aesthetic and healing therapies. They know that looking and feeling your best go hand-in-hand.

Today’s deal introduces you to the power of cold laser therapy. Zerona body contouring painlessly releases fat from its cellular containers, allowing your body to literally liquidate inches of unsightly bulge. Some patients report losing entire clothing sizes by simply relaxing for forty minutes, a few times a week. Recovery is immediate. There’s no pain of scarring.

Try Six Zerona laser treatments for $599 (a $1749 value). Save 66% on a truly game-changing body-contouring technology.

But up to three sets of six treatments and multiply your savings — while the Zerona laser system multiples your fat loss! Appointments are first come, first-serve, so book yours today. 

Top reviews:

This place is great, it’s conveniently located near the Walgreens on Arlington heights road and palatine. The staff was so helpful, they explained everything and answered all of my questions.

— Mike G.

They are absolutely great! Very good, knowledgeable, friendly staff! 

— Vladens A.

I love love love coming here!!!

— Nouha S. 


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